Since 2019, Aerosystems has been certified for the EN9100 certificate for the aviation and aerospace industry. In order to maintain the EN9100 certificate, Aerosystems was audited by Kiwa UNAVIACert in March 2022. We are happy to announce that our license is successfully renewed for the next years!

Aerosystems work is focused on the aviation industry, we are very happy about the renewal of the certificate. The aviation industry sets very strict quality requirements for manufacturers. By renewing our EN9100 certificate, Aerosystems show that the production and quality systems meet the aerospace quality standards.

Aerosystems likes to take full responsibility for the development and production of Precision Aerospace Components. Through our technology, knowledge, and experience, we are able to produce the most complex components.



EN9100 is the quality management standard specific to the aerospace industry but it also includes the ISO9001 standard. Consequently, any company registered to EN9100 also meets the requirements of ISO9001. This standard includes additional requirements specific to the requirements of the aerospace industry. First published in May 1997 by the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) as EN9000, the standard has evolved to EN9100:2018 and is recognized by all major Aerospace OEMs.


Aerosystems – Precision Aerospace Components is a full-service, family-owned company specializing in the manufacture of precision parts and assemblies for the aerospace market. Our experienced staff can rapidly take a project from concept or prototype to finished assembly, giving customers a competitive market advantage.


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