Becoming a supplier

Aerosystems is always looking for suppliers and partners which share the same principles of integrity, transparency and trust. The company wants to work with organisations that guarantee excellence and innovation in their operations to help build an integrated supply chain ready to respond to the challenges of the aerospace and defence industries.

The performance of AEROSYSTEMS is directly related to the performance of each supplier within the supply chain.

The Supplier Portal is the gateway for doing business with Aerosystems which allows you to better manage the way that you interact with us. Aerosystems Supplier Portal contains links to Quality Requirements, Code of Ethics, Forms and other helpful documents. 

A key to Aerosystems success is the timely provision of quality products and services by Suppliers that are also committed to meeting customer requirements. Aerosystems therefore develops and maintains relationships with Suppliers having proven capabilities to meet our requirements. In support of these relationships, Aerosystems has developed the Supplier Quality Requirements Manual based on Aerospace Standard EN9100 to communicate quality requirements and expectations that will assure compliance to Aerosystems customer requirements.

We are pleased to inform you that a new Revision of AS-QRS-01 (Issue A) have been published, superseding the previous First Issue.

The AS-QRS-01 is applicable worldwide for Aerosystems suppliers, to confirm a unique approach on Quality. The document is characterized by several improvements that should facilitate access to the requirements and make this manual easier to read and to use. The main changes involve the following subjects:

  •  SMS Safety Management System, Corrosion Prevention, Conflict Minerals, Business Continuity, FOD, Obsolescence and REACH.
  • And also new updated requirements for Counterfeit Parts, Record Management Delivery Information and Packaging.

Click on the following links for the DOWNLOAD of new Quality Requirements for Aerosystems Suppliers, Suppliers Letter and Evaluation Form.

A company’s approval as a Supplier is initiated by Aerosystems Purchasing with verification that the company’s Quality Management System is in compliance with applicable requirements. Aerosystems SCM Supply Chain Management maintains an Approved Supplier List.

The following are some of the Principal Criteria used to determine the suitability for inclusion on this list:

• Position in Industry;
• Technology, Equipment and Machines;
• Capacity, Capability;
• Competitiveness;
• Performances (Quality and Delivery Rating);
• Responsible for Engineering, Development and testing;
• Warranty Commitment;
• Progressive Culture with Continuous Improvement Philosophy;
• Service and Support;
• Instrument managmenet and calibration;
• Effective Problem Resolution;
• Location, Facility.

Minimum Requirements to become an Aerosystems Supplier:

  1. Compliance to Quality Requirements for Aerosystems Suppliers;
  2. Compliance to ISO 9001:2008;
  3. Compliance to EN9100 Quality Management System;
  4. For Distributors, Compliance to AS9120 Quality Management System (reference AS9100).


Aerosystems Code of Ethics

This is the section on Aerosystems Code of Ethics, available for your consultation.
The attached document contains complete information on the ethical and social rules which must be followed by all company members and suppliers.