Aerosystems provides CNC Machning Services and Assembly Services.

Using the latest CNC technologies, Aerosystems turns and mills precision components from a comprehensive range of aerospace materials from small to big diameters, within the most exacting tolerances.

Our CNC Manufacturning Services are:

  • Simple and medium complexity machined parts;
  • Precision CNC Lathes;
  • Precision CNC Machining Centres;
  • Laser Welding;
  • High Skilled team;
  • Ultimate CAD/CAM Technologies.

CNC Finishes:

  • As Machined;
  • Bead Blast;
  • Anodizing (Coloured, MIL-A-8625) or Protective (Chemical Conversion);
  • Powder Coating;
  • Painting;
  • Gold and Silver Plating;
  • Custom finishes

Our company employs qualified external companies for the following special processes:

  • Natural and coloured anodic oxidation (Coloured, MIL-A-8625) or Protective (Chemical Conversion);
  • Painting;
  • Thermal treatments;
  • Cadmium-plating;
  • Passivation;
  • Penetrant liquids;
  • Magnetic Inspection;
  • Any other processes requested by the customer.
Micro Machined Brass Parts

High Precision micro brass turned parts.

Micro Machined Stainless Steel Parts

Four Axis machined High Precision micro stainless steel parts.

Spherical Machined Aluminium Parts

Four Axis machined High Precision spherical aluminium parts.

Machined Stainless Steel Parts

Four Axis machined High Precision stainless steel parts.