Aerosystems machine shop benefits from new CNC Lathe HAAS ST30Y

Our Machine Shop recently got a new Haas CNC lathe ST30Y.

Celada Group and Binetti & Forlani has supplied Aerosystems factory in Angera with the brand-new HAAS ST-30Y as part of a wider investment made by the company to help it increase its productivity levels and maintain its competitive edge.

The shop’s new addition will benefit our technicians who have been getting by with three HAAS CNC lathes. Stefano Zambra, CEO of Aerosystems, said “This new big lathe will help technician immensely in their CNC work. We are very happy to have it. This latest arrival at our manufacturing facility in Angera represents an important investment in Aerosystems operations. Demand for Aerosystems machined products continues to increase and the purchase of a new big CNC lathe reflects this, automation investment holds the key to continued growth and profitability for leading aerospace companies. Aerosystems has met another milestone in the growth of its machine shop.”

The new HAAS ST-30Y CNC Lathe Machine it’s being installed as this post is being written.

The new HAAS ST-30Y has a medium footprint, yet provides a generous work envelope. The addition of Y-axis and live tooling allows milling, drilling, and tapping for increased machine capabilities. This machine offers the best performance for the money – the best value – in its class.

The Haas ST Series high-performance turning centers were designed from the ground up to provide setup flexibility, extreme rigidity, and high thermal stability.

Our new Big Boy, the HAAS CNC lathe ST-30Y is “sitting pretty” closer to his brothers ST-15Y and  ST-20Y in our workshop. 

Aerosystems – Precision Aerospace Components is a full-service, family-owned company specializing in the manufacture of precision parts and assemblies for the aerospace market. Our experienced staff can rapidly take a project from concept or prototype to finished assembly, giving customers a competitive market advantage.

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