YEAR 1944

On 11th November 1944 the company with the name “Tecnici Elettro Meccanici Associati” has been established in Somma Lombardo (Varese) by four technicians with different specializations, in order to satisfy the growing need of Electric Tools and Motors expressed by the national market. Pictures showing the first products: a wood-metal polisher and a gear motor.

YEARS 1960 – 1965

The business expands with the first aviation collaborations with “Offcine Meccaniche Giovanni Agusta” on the first American Bell helicopter manufactured by Agusta in Italy. "On Aug. 11, 1952, Domenico Agusta signed an agreement with the American company Bell Aircraft Corporation and undertook the challenge of the future to produce and sell helicopters. On May 22, 1954, the first helicopter built by the Agusta company, an Agusta‑Bell 47G, took of from the Cascina Costa; only two years later, the 100th helicopter was delivered. Helicopter production increased dramatically in the 1960s after signing agreements with US manufacturers Sikorsky, Boeing and Hughes Helicopters". The pictures are showing the first Bell 47G and a vintage Bell 47J Ranger advertise.

YEAR 1967

Our company designs, manufactures and homologates its first aviation product, a small Tachometer Generators MIL-G-26611, MIL-PRF-26611, GEU-7/A (still used on some aircrafts) which were boarded on Bell and Agusta helicopters until today. The pictures are showing the first Tachometer Generator and a vintage drawing.

YEAR 1968

The company establish its own first Quality System based on the Italian Ministry of Defence AA-Q-1 (AER-Q-01) and the first Company Quality Manual, showed in the picture.

YEAR 1970

During the 70s and the 80s the business grows with the collaborations with Agusta company on the A109 programme and on first Bell helicopters manufactured by Agusta under licence. The company was working on airplane and helicopters equipment, especially for the Agusta A109 with its first flight in 1971. In the first picture: A prototype Agusta A109 Hirundo hovering in ground effect, 4 August 1971 at its Cascina Costa plant, near the Aeroporto di Milano-Malpensa, northwest of Milan, Italy, Agusta test pilot Ottorino Lancia made the first flight of the prototype Agusta A109 Hirundo, serial number 7101. In the second picture a 1973 A109 Hirundo advertise.

YEAR 1980

A promotional 80's photo of the Agusta A109 shoot held in New York City in the eighties, a shot right in the middle of the two Twin Towers, with the famous "Giovanni da Verrazzano" Bridge in the background. The other picture shows the New York skyline in 1980.
The first electric ventilation product was the Defogging Blower for the Agusta-Bell AB-412 Helicopter. This product is still built today by Aerosystems.

YEAR 1990

The company has grown with the management’s generational change. The new partners join the company owners, maintaining a continuance but also introducing freshness, relaunching the activities with new expertise and new energy. Early in the 1990 some new products, designed and qualified in the 80's were introduced in the company production line as the Circuit Shear Tester and some new Fuel Caps for Aircrafts and also for Motorcycles.

YEARS 2000-2002

The company starts its experience around the world, opening a partnership with a Product Support Organization and FAA / EASA Repair Station in the U.S.A dedicated to the repair and overhaul of Hydraulic, Electronic, Instrument, and Radio components installed on fxed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft repair to support its American customers.

YEAR 2003

Starting from these years, the company strengthens its presence in italian market and certifes its Quality System receiving the certifcations UNI EN ISO9001 from an independent leading certifcation body.

YEAR 2007

During the year 2007, the company strengthens its presence in the aerospace worldwide market and certifes its Quality System obtaining the certifcation EN9100 from an independent leading certifcation body.

YEAR 2019

AEROSYSTEMS S.r.l. is a company founded May 2019 from the spin-off of the old company TEMA of Costa, Cunati & C. S.a.s. of which continues the design, development, production, construction, sales, overhaul, maintenance and technical assistance of electromechanical components for the aerospace industry in the new plant in Angera (VA), designed and built on specific technical and organizational needs. AEROSYSTEMS is EN9100 Certifed Aerospace Company. Aerosystems designs a New Company Logo inspired to its historical Aerospace Heritage. Aerosystems "Always Dare".

YEARS 2019-2020

AEROSYSTEMS is an UNI EN ISO 9001 and AS/EN9100 Certifed Aerospace Company from the year 2019. The Quality System was renewed during 2020. In January 2020 AEROSYSTEMS was Certified from ENAC as a PART21G Product Organization IT.21G0073, prestigious certification for the aerospace sector recognized worldwide.