Metal welding with the introduction of Laser technology.

Aerosystems is specialized in Laser Welding to join, repair and restore parts in the aerospace and industrial sectors.

Our machines a certified with advanced cooling system that allows to operate in any work space. Equipped with an opening bottom that enables to work on big objects and removable trays, with microscope and coaxial camera.

Hermetic sealing with Micro Laser Welding circular joint on a D38999 Stainless Steel connector
AISI 316 micro joint on a Water Tube
AISI 316 micro joint on a Spray Nozzle

Aerosystems can manufacture Laser Welding on the following materials: stainless steel, titanium and aluminium alloys.

Laser welding is the most modern manufacturing method offering many advantages and is applicable in many sectors for diverse applications. Laser welding represents an evolution compared to traditional welding. Although it is not yet applicable to all materials, thicknesses and shapes currently workable with traditional welding, laser welding has the following advantages:

  • Ultimate precision. One of the main benefits of Laser welding is that it offers a high level of accuracy and control.
  • High welding speed
  • Excellent working flexibility
  • Easy access to the joint and high joint characteristics
  • Minimum heat input
  • Excellent shape of the weld: good depth of the seam compared to the width of the joint.

All materials that can be welded conventionally can also welded with laser welding processes. In regard to quality, speed, and economy, laser welding systems are superior to conventional processes for industrial projects, making laser welding services popular. Depending on the intensity of the radiation, the laser welding is categorized as heat conduction welding or deep welding.

The laser welding with stainless steel has many advantages. The first major advantage is that the laser welding technology, being a heating process very concentrated in space and therefore at a very high concentration of energy, allows better welding quality both in terms of penetration and reduction of the heat affected zone (Heat Affected Zone) with less deformation of the components. This feature makes the laser welding technology superior to all other technologies that have been previously used for the production of components as MIG / MAG and TIG.

Aerosystems Rotor Speed Sensors and Wiper Spray Nozzles are laser welded