Environmental Control System (ECS) Ducts, used in the aerospace industry, provides a climate-controlled air supply and regulates cabin airflow. These ducts are usually lightweight and can be exposed to high pressure, high temperature and chemicals.

High pressure ducts are used in airplanes and helicopters, from the engines, through the fuselage, to the leading edges of the wings. The major applications of high-pressure ducting systems are Environmental Control Systems (ECS), engine bleed air, thermal anti-ice systems, air intake-exhaust, and engine starter duct systems. All components are manufactured with high temperature metals, such stainless steel, aluminium, and composites (Peek, Carbon Fiber, Kevlar) to provide the best ducting system solutions.

Low pressure ducts are used in the low-temperature and low-pressure applications, such as cabin ducts, acoustic silencer, windscreen defogging, cockpit instrumentation cooling, avionics ventilation, and air-conditioned supply. Composites and aluminium are the most preferred materials for low pressure ducting systems.

Our Environmental Control System (ECS) Ducts are used in combination with our Cooling FansAir Outlets and Flapper Valves.

General Technical Description:

  • Composite ducts (Peek, Carbon Fiber, Kevlar);
  • ECS ducts;
  • Air inlets and outlets;
  • Noise reduction ducts.


  • Design Features;
  • Low weight;
  • High reliability, long live, maintenance free;
  • Custom end fittings, beads;
  • Systems and Components Design;
  • Prototyping and Mock-ups;
  • FEM and Frequency Analysis (Vibration, Stress, Thermal);
  • Computer Flow Design (CFD);
  • Airflow Testing capability;
  • Qualification and Certification;
  • Acoustic design and testing.