Aerosystems offers Test Laboratory Services and technical assistance.

Test Laboratory Capability:

  • Airflow and Pressure Test of Fans and Blowers (AMCA210) up to 1000 m3/h;
  • Temperature Tests;
  • Power Input Tests;
  • Thermography;
  • Acoustic and Noise Testing;
  • Microscope Inspections.

State-of-the-art test equipment to verify that products meet the requirements of safety, performance and sustainability. Aerosystems’ test laboratory put its expertise, experience and state-of-the-art equipment at the disposal of customers, to ensure that their products meet and exceed required performances.

Our test capabilities  are continuously upgraded in step with the evolution of new technologies.

Airflow Testing
Laboratory test of a fan or other air moving device to determine its aerodynamic performance in terms of airflow rate, pressure developed, power consumption, air density, the speed of rotation, and efficiency for rating or guarantee purposes.
  • Up to 1000 m3/h;
  • Airflow and Pressure;
  • Aerospace and Industial fans and blowers testing;
  • Custom fixtures and interfaces;
  • Additional noise testing;
Temperature Testing
Aerosystems climatic chamber for testing material behaviors under constant temperature and humidity conditions.
  • Temperature Range: -40°C to +180#C;
  • Custom Temperature Testing;
  • External Double Probe Temperature Datalogger.
Acoustic and Noise Testing
Acoustic noise testing is the measurement of sound emissions radiating from the equipment under test. Our acoustic noise testing experts compile and analyze the data generated in our testing chamber. Acoustic noise is generated through a digital  control system using  microphones as feedback.  Our acoustic noise lab can help you meet your acoustic testing specifications.

Aerosystems Capability:

  • ANR Technology;
  • Calibrated Microphones;
  • Acoustic Test of Fans and Blowers;
  • Control Room and Noise Room.


Electrical Testing

Aerosystems can perform different Electrical – Electronics Tests on Aerospace Equipment.

Aerosystems Capability:

  • Bonding and Grounding Tests;
  • AC Hypot – The AC Hipot Test allows you to stress your product’s insulation with high voltage to ensure it will limit current flow should a fault occur;
  • 500VA – Output 100 mA of AC Hipot test current. HypotULTRA meets the 200 mA short circuit requirement for 500 VA instruments;
  • DC Hypot – The DC Hipot Test allows you to stress your product’s insulation and limit leakage current output by running a DC dielectric withstand test;
  • Ground Bond – Verify the integrity of your product’s protective earth ground conductor to prevent electric shock should a fault occur;
  • Ground Continuty – Verify the presence of your product’s protective earth ground conductor to prevent electric shock should a fault occur;
  • Insulation Resistance – Determine the total resistance of your product’s insulation;
  • 2ch and 4ch Oscilloscopes;
  • Precision Inductance Analyzer;
  • Digital Function Generators;
  • AC and DC Power Supply Units;
  • Electrical Testers;
  • Precision RMS Multimeters.




Aerosystems Thermography and Temperature Measurement Capability:

  • Digital Thermocam wide range of temperatures: -25°C to 380°C (-13°F to 716°F) with laser pointer;
  • Digital Thermometer with wire probe type J, K, T, E, range -250°C to +1372 °C;
  • Digital 2Ch Temperature Datalogger with 2 precision stainless steel probes.



Microscope Inspections

Aerosystems Microscope Inspection Capability:

  • Precision Laboratory Microscope 100X;
  • USB Professional Digital Microscope Camera with Image Analysis Software;