This Health, Safety and Environment Guide define Aerosystems commitment to workplace health and safety, as well as identify tasks associated with maintaining a safe, professional environment.

The Health, Safety and Environment policies that affect our workers are at the heart of Aerosystems’ philosophy. These policies are at the heart of a comprehensive approach that can guide employees towards achieving a healthy lifestyle based on proper nutrition, exercise and quality of sleep.

Environmental protection also plays a very important role: in addition to guaranteeing the protection of the territory, Aerosystems is also committed to ensuring that its workers can carry out their work in healthy environments.



We are committed to operating in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner. Our focus is on efficient and sustainable use of resources and materials which is achieved through continuous improvements of recycling rates, waste management and energy intensity.

Aerosystems is focused on respect for the world around us. This is one of the core values for the company’s operations. Aerosystems achieves respect for the environment and sustainability by constantly monitoring and reviewing all activities and processes to identify those with the greatest environmental impact and to define improvement objectives. The analysis is not limited simply to what happens inside the company, but concerns the entire supply chain, where on-site audits can be carried out. These are processes that will make it possible to obtain future certifications that testify Aerosystems’ attention to the environment.

In order to contribute to sustainable use of resources, our environmental responsibility efforts also focus on energy efficiency and CO2 emissions which are directly linked to global climate change. We consider these material because of the general urgent need to combat climate change and we want to pro-actively contribute to a solution to this global concern.

We continuously strive to reduce the amount of hazardous materials in our production processes. To minimise any risk related to hazardous materials and substances we train our staff and arrange drills to raise awareness and support understanding of appropriate handling of hazardous materials, be it on an ongoing basis in the daily work or in case of an accident. The recycling rate for hazarduous waste was 100% in 2020 and the recycling rate for non-hazarduous waste was 100%. In 2020, there were no incident of spillage or accidents relating to hazardous materials.

We invest in a healthier future Our goal is to improve processes by making them more environmentally sustainable.  Aerosystems has made investments on the last years focusing on specific actions:

  • Monitoring and reduction of water consumption and machine oils;
  • Reduction of the waste generated per product unit;
  • Reduction of energy consumption via improvement of the monitoring and measurement systems and thermal insulation of the building envelope;
  • Use of solar renewable energy and E-Charging Station;
  • Use of hybrid and electric vehicles;
  • Reduction and recycling of paper and plastic packaging;
  • Disposal of electronic / electrical equipment.

Aerosystems has installed a modern solar panel system in order to independently provide for the energy consumption of the plant.

Solar energy ranks first among renewable energies and contributes to energy supply without causing damage to the environment. This clean energy source obtained from the sun can be converted into electricity and can also be used to heat or cool different rooms.

Annually our factory consumes electricity. Lighting of the factory premises is one of the biggest drivers of Aerosystems’ electricity consumption. At the same time, Aerosystems’ employees handle very small components with high precision. Good lighting is a basic requirement for good work conditions that support well-being at work and quality of our production. In 2019, the management of Aerosystems decided to use for the factory lighting only modern LED lights. This choice resulted in great savings in electricity consumption. Led Lights also brought lighting at the assembly and machining lines to a level where it should be according to IPC standards, between 750 and 1,000 lux. As the LED lights lifespan is long, this upgrade is expected to generate further savings over time and hence contribute to long-term economic and environmental value.

Since 2019 we have been promoting the Eco-Movement, a project designed for employees that emphasizes the importance of reducing the environmental impact starting from home-work commuting. Choosing a sustainable way to commute to and from work:

  • on Foot,
  • by Bicycle or E-Bike,
  • by E-Scooter,
  • with Public Transport,
  • or by Carpooling.

is an important first step.


The well-being and health of all Aerosystems employees is not simply a norm, but a belief, because all workers are an integral part of the company.


Aerosystems has launched activities that promote proper lifestyles, not only in the work environment, but also during leisure time and in everyday life. One example is the guide PPW Paving the Path to Wellness guide issued by the Harvard Medical School. The aim of the PPW Guide is to help all employees become aware that adopting a proper lifestyle produces benefits not only for their health, but also for their professional lives. Anyone can start by measuring its overall wellness using the Paving Wheel.

Aerosystems has also launched other activities, such as:

  • Improvement of workplace ergonomics – also through the distribution of specific handbooks on posture welfare policies focusing on prevention.

Aerosystem has invested in modern offices with ergonomics desks and chairs. All working chairs have high comfort, good design, sustainable production and materials, ergonomic seat with intuitive self-adjusting mechanism or synchronous mechanism. All Aerosystems office and working chairs are certified and compliant to Industry Work Chair Normative.

Increasing digitalisation continues to have a significant impact on one’s private life and especially on professional life. Today we speak about a “sedentary lifestyle”, which has unhealthy consequences. Those who do not move, changing from the chair at work to the seat of the car and at home to the TV chair are ridiculed as a “couch potatoes”, and can cause their body serious and permanent damage.

Looking at behaviour and job situations at work today, one notes that people sit most of the time. Lack of exercise as well as rigid posture are considered the main problems of modern work. And not just in the office. Movement – both in professional life and leisure – is generally lacking. According to a study by the University of Regensburg, adults spend up to 60 % each day seated. The Techniker Krankenkasse (health insurance company) has determined that 44 % of Germans sit while working. Only 45% of seated workers manage to move regularly.

The resulting health problems affect the spine, heart, metabolism and the muscles. In addition to mental illness, the risk of cancer also increases. To counteract this, Aerosyetms suggest to use the following Apps and Reminders.

We all know that sitting for long periods of time is bad for our health, but remembering to get up and takes breaks isn’t exactly an easy proposition. Some fitness trackers and smartwatches can be programmed with an alarm that sounds when you’ve been sedentary for too long, suggesting you get up and move. However, even those can get easy to ignore.

This free Desktop App reminds You to take Computer Breaks during the day.

Stretchly is a desktop app for Windows, Mac, and Linux that reminds you to take a 20-second break every 10 minutes and a 5-minute break every 30. Those times are the default, but you can customize them to match what works best for your workflow as well and skip them entirely if they come up at an inopportune time. Smartwatches or smartphones applications such as reminders, pedometers, drink-alarms can also be used.

Safety First !

Aerosystems has always been committed to giving the highest priority to the safety of workers. It is a commitment that affects not only its employees, but also all organizations that collaborate with the company and are called upon to meet the related requirements. At the company level, in 2019, we introduced a short guide for the safety of workers and visitors.

Aerosystems has in place a Safety System, annually and periodically checks all safety aspects of the plant, machinery, products and personal protective equipment.