The recently build Aerosystems facility is filling up quickly.  A new portable CMM Measurement Arm “Cam2 Arm® Gage Max” by FARO was delivered this month.  And it’s being installed as this post is being written. Aerosystems is on track to move in and start up new operations as planned. This latest arrival at our manufacturing facility in Angera represents an important investment in Aerosystems operations. Despite the challenges that the last world crisis has presented, demand for Aerosystems machined products continues to increase and the purchase of a new Measurement machine.

The complete solution Aerosystems’ was looking for was found in the revolutionary Cam2 Arm® Gage Max. The Gage Max is a portable CMM, a measurement arm, with an easily interchangeable contact and non-contact measurement capability. The system allows Aerosystems’ to check an entire part, on all sides, in one set location. The system reduced the setup time for small, medium and large, multi-sided parts. The maneuverability of the Edge allows a user to reach all of the needed part features. This kind of flexibility is just not possible with a fixed CMM where you are often met with situations where if you can’t reach a feature, you are required to move the part, re-fixture it, and then measure again.

The Gage Max measuring arm is an accurate 3D gauge for smaller parts and is an industry leader in portable CMMs. Ending the reliance on expensive and hard-to-use fixed CMMs, the Cam2 Arm® Gage Max offers high accuracy, improves measurement consistency, reduces time, and generates reports. Made specifically for shop foor personnel, the Gage Max sets up in seconds and allows anyone to measure parts and assemblies easily, quickly, and accurately.

Performing measurements with traditional hand instruments is time-consuming and creates clutter on the shop floor. The Gage Max transforms the process, allowing machine shops and small production lines to meet even the most demanding quality specifications with one efficient coordinate measuring machine (CMM). The Gage Max portable CMM sets up in seconds and delivers precision measurements for quick comparison against nominal CAD data.

The fast, and easy, setups with the Gage Max have greatly impacted the overall efficiency of the floor. Total check time for parts that once took hours and three position changes on a traditional CMM, are now done in only few minutes using the Gage Max – a reduction of over 90%.

  • Measure Anywhere: Operators can perform precision 3D inspection wherever needed.
  • Ensure Consistency and Repeatability: Every operator gets the same results every time.
  • Optimize Operations: Precision measurement reduces scrap, rework and inspection bottlenecks.
  • Capture Production Data: Accurate data allows for reporting and trend analysis.
  • Improve Quality: Complex 3D inspections and automatic reports

The Gage Max enhances productivity through faster and more accurate measurements. Features such as a spherical working volume of 1.2m (4 ft.) and accuracy up to 0.018mm (0.0007 in.) provide performance comparable to a fixed CMM, but with previously unheard-of portability. For any operator, the Gage Max is easy to use, with its internal counterbalancing for fatigue-free movement and temperature and overload sensors that ensure it performs at maximum accuracy.

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