Aerosystems advanced rotational Rotor Speed Sensors enables easy measure of revolution of rotating components in harsh environments.

Airborne Speed Sensors are used in helicopter transmission systems, it is important to monitor the RPM of gears and track the tooth damage revolution
using speed sensors and detection methods.

Our Speed Sensors can be manufactured in different sizes and versions.

  • Easy installation and operation,
  • Laser Welding Sealing,
  • Custom sizes available,
  • Laser engraving markings or custom logos,
  • Pressure Test

Aerosystems ROTOR SPEED SENSORS are used to measure the speed of rotor gears in Airplanes or Helicopters.

  • Sensing gear tooth RPM, wear, chatter, or spindle balance.
  • Real-time monitoring of speed and vibrations.
  • Detecting vibrational signatures in rotating shafts or pinions to give early warning of gear tooth cracking or spalling in transmissions.
  • Sensing wheel cracks, friction, and wear in train applications.

Rotor Speed Sensor Technical Description:

  • The Sensor Rotor Speed is a Stainless Steel hermetically Laser Welded magnetic pick-up (alternating voltage generator).
  • This sensor consists of three independent and insulated coils wrapped on a unique magnetic core enclosed in a stainless-steel case which provides a
    hermetic sealing and EMI shield against external environment. The sensor does not include electronic devices.
  • Wires from the three coils are connected to a D38999 series 3, EMI protected connector.
  • The equipment provides three independent frequency outputs directly related to the speed of the gear.
  • Easy to operate and install.
  • Qualified MIL-STD-810 and RTCA-DO160
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel.