CPCP Corrosion Prevention and Control Program

This course introduces students to the importance of a CPCP, the costs of corrosion and invites a general discussion of why prevention is a crucial part to any aviation design, manufacturing and maintenance business. Included in the CPCP Aerosystems has planned an Initial and Recurrent Training for all operators satrting frrom the Design, the Manufacturing […]

LMS Learning Management System

LMS Aerosystems Learning Management System The Aerosystems LMS is a Learning Management System (LMS) online platform. Is the online management platform used for teaching and learning, web-based knowledge or training content for all Aerosystems employees. Aerosystems LMS is a web-based tool offering “anytime, any place, any pace” access to Learning content. We are excited to […]

ALLISS Aerosystems Lesson Learned Information Sharing System

ALLISS Aerosystems Lesson Learned Information Sharing System The ALLISS is a Lessons Learned Database is a knowledge repository system which helps Aerosystems users capture, store and manage experiential knowledge from projects, events or operations. Use of lessons learned is a principal component of an organizational culture committed to quality, continuous improvement and adaptive management. Lessons […]

ASC001 Quality Assurance Course

The aim of the course is to illustrate the underlying philosophy and inspiring principles of the ISO9001 and EN9100 regulations, translating the contents in order to provide participants with the basic operational methodologies necessary to set up and implement a quality management system compliant with the regulations themselves. The course addresses the typical path to […]