ALLISS Aerosystems Lesson Learned Information Sharing System

The ALLISS is a Lessons Learned Database is a knowledge repository system which helps Aerosystems users capture, store and manage experiential knowledge from projects, events or operations.

Use of lessons learned is a principal component of an organizational culture committed to quality, continuous improvement and adaptive management. Lessons learned mechanisms communicate acquired knowledge more effectively and ensure that beneficial information is factored into planning, work processes, and activities.

Features such as reports, categorization tools and search functionality serve to help users manage company knowledge for future reference. With this webpage, users have the flexibility to access information on the move from any desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

The ALLISS Lessons Learned Database allows Aerosystems employee to capture knowledge via online form, in which users can enter a lesson description, title and recommended actions, as well as add comments and attachments. To help ensure data quality, ALLISS supports content validation through a review process made by the Quality Assurance Team before publishing.

All Aerosystems teams, people and departments are welcome to use ALLISS.

Lesson Learned Submission Form

This Lesson Learned Submission Form provides a simplified format to capture these experiences in an effective manner.


The ALLISS system is designed to stimulate employees who live daily in the company to identify any Lesson Learned to be captured and shared.

The use of the Lesson Learned Submission Form is very simple, since it is sufficient to fill in the mandatory fields indicated with an asterisk, briefly describe the SITUATION (context), the LESSON LEARNED and the RECCOMENDATIONS; after completion of all fields send the form with the submit button.


Lesson Learned Submission Form
Name and Surname
Name and Surname
Please insert Your email, Your data will be kept anonymous.
Please insert a Subject for the Lesson Learned - Your data will be kept anonymous.
Please insert a Situation (Context) for the Lesson Learned - Your data will be kept anonymous.
Please insert the Lesson Learned and Reccomendations - Your data will be kept anonymous.