Engineering Design

Engineering Services and Design Capabilities Aerosystems Product Engineering department designs according to customer requirements specifications. Aerosystems follows its projects in every phase. Starting from specific customer requirements, from the need of solving a problem or just from a feeling for future needs. Electro-Mechanical design is a broad term that encompasses many discrete activities. Although we […]

Fan Guards

Aerosystems Fan Guards are used in various sectors, such as safety, air conditioning, cooling, heating, and so forth. Fan Guards have to prevent all possible injury caused by accidentally touching a working or moving fan. Therefore, the guards have to be accurately engineered and manufactured according to the safe working practices in force, comply with […]

Flapper Valves

Aerosystems Flapper Valves are butterfly valves driven by a motor or a remotely manual actuator. The valve is easily driven by the pilot to open or limit the ram air intakes of cabin and cockpit low pressure distribution system. The valves are made of a composite or aluminium cylindrical core. Inside the core a circular […]

Air Ducts

Environmental Control System (ECS) Ducts, used in the aerospace industry, provides a climate-controlled air supply and regulates cabin airflow. These ducts are usually lightweight and can be exposed to high pressure, high temperature and chemicals. High pressure ducts are used in airplanes and helicopters, from the engines, through the fuselage, to the leading edges of […]