Maintenance Repair and Overhaul

Aerosystems is an EASA Part 145 Certified company for its Angera (VA) Italy headquarters. Angera MRO facility was opened in 2019 and provides specialized maintenance of Precision Aerospace Components. The facility offers scheduled maintenance, inspections, component maintenance, spare parts program and support. The EASA Part 145 approval enable Aerosystems to maintain its components independent from […]

Engineering Design

Engineering Services and Design Capabilities Aerosystems Product Engineering department designs according to customer requirements specifications. Aerosystems follows its projects in every phase. Starting from specific customer requirements, from the need of solving a problem or just from a feeling for future needs. Electro-Mechanical design is a broad term that encompasses many discrete activities. Although we […]

Laser Markings and Engraving

Aerosystems offers Laser Engraving and Markings Services: Test Laboratory Capability: Laser Engraving; Laser Markings; Laser Cutting. Thanks to its Laser Machines, Aerosystems can provide Markings, Engraving and Cutting of different materials. Laser Markings and Engraving on: Coloured Plastics, Aluminium, Steel, Wood, and many other materials. Laser Cutting of: Coloured Plastics, Plexiglass, Insulating Materials. We can […]

Metrology Services

In our Company we have an air-conditioned metrology department equipped Mechanical, Electrical and Physical Measuring Instruments. Aerosystems Metrology Department capability include Go-No Go Gages, CMM Arm, Calipers, Micrometers, Gauges, Oscilloscopes, Multimeters, Flow-Meters, Ground Testers and many others. Roundness measuring instruments, surface roughness measuring instrument, hardness tester, optic measuring instruments, optical gage, digital stereo microscopes, altimeters, […]