Axial Fan

MORE POWER AND NEW DESIGN Aerosystems is always seeking innovative breakthrough to provide the finest solution for worldwide customers. Building on the successful achievements in its previous Cooling Fans, Aerosystems launches the new 7010000 AXIAL FAN, a High Performance Fan with extraordinary cooling performance and improved features. Aerosystems is announcing its latest addition to the […]

GSE and Toolkits

Aviation Ground Support Equipment and Maintenance Toolkits Aerosystems provides its customers with a complete range of aviation Ground Support Equipment (GSE) and Maintenance Tool Kits simple, reliable, easy to use and maintain. Our GSE and Tool Kits are designed, manufactured to the highest standards and adapted to the requirement of our customers. Working in the […]

Bonding and Grounding Straps

Custom Lightning and Grounding Straps for Aircraft Protection A single lightning strike can hit an aircraft with as much as 1,000,000 volts. Static electricity can charge an aircraft, particularly in cold and wet air, with enough electrical potential to result in a discharge that can ignite ground fueling equipment or fry avionics gear. Damage from […]


CUSTOM COILS AND WINDINGS SOLUTIONS FOR AEROSPACE MARKET Experts in fine-wire precision Coils and Windings for Aerospace and industrial applications. Manufacturer of aerospace, industrial, medical, marine, motor stators and radar communications industries. Aerosystems can produce just about any configuration of coil that you may need. Materials such as copper, nickel wire, ceramic wire have been […]

Laser Sensor Units

AEROSYSTEMS LSU Laser Sensor Unit Lidar Laser Sensors – Light Detection And Ranging solutions The LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) laser measurement technology offers solutions for a wide range of applications. The two or more dimension contour data recorded can be processed both internally and externally. The technology is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, […]