CUSTOM COILS AND WINDINGS SOLUTIONS FOR AEROSPACE MARKET Experts in fine-wire precision Coils and Windings for Aerospace and industrial applications. Manufacturer of aerospace, industrial, medical, marine, motor stators and radar communications industries. Aerosystems can produce just about any configuration of coil that you may need. Materials such as copper, nickel wire, ceramic wire have been […]

DC Motors

CUSTOM DC MOTORS Aerosystems special Custom DC Motors characteristically offer high performance together with exceptionally smooth-running characteristics across a wide speed and torque setting range. They can be controlled with exceptional accuracy using a DC speed controller. Depending on the application, these motors can be combined with gearboxes, brakes or feedback systems. The design of […]

Brushless Motors

CUSTOM BRUSHLESS MOTORS Aerosystems Brushless Motors 24Vdc, 28-30Vdc with Hall Sensors are custom manufactured for the implementation of equipment installed on Aircrafts and Helicopters. With a high torque / volume ratio and high dynamic response, Aerosystems BLDC Motors meets airborne requirements and pass the most severe type approval tests required by the aerospace sector. Due […]

AC Motors

CUSTOM AC MOTORS Aerosystems designs and manufactures products to fit specific customer applications. We are always ready to tackle even the most challenging applications. Aerosystems Custom Three-Phase Asynchronous Electric Motors for general use in industrial applications, closed cage, externally self-ventilated. Standards based on nominal and operating characteristics: IEC 60034-1. INPUT VOLTAGE AND FREQUENCY: three-phase motors […]