SOAR Safety Occurrence Alert System

Safety reporting is the filing of reports and collection of information on actual or potential safety deficiencies.

Safety occurrence is the term used to embrace all events which have, or could have significance in the context of products, people, processes and aviation safety, ranging from accidents and serious incidents, through incidents or events that must be reported, to occurrences of lesser severity which, in the opinion of the reporter could have safety significance.

A common process (SOAR) for reporting, analysis and communication of product safety occurrences is deployed across our company, including safety alert reports, in-service reliability bulletins, and product safety reviews. The reporting system is used to make better management decision making and supports continuous improvement efforts.


Safety occurrence reporting aims to improve safety of products, processes and people operations by timely detection of operational hazards and system deficiencies. It plays an essential role in accident prevention enabling the identification of appropriate remedial actions by prompt analysis of safety data and by the exchange of safety information.

The purpose of this Safety System is to define product management processes related to product safety and manufacturing processes to ensure that the product functions as intended without causing damage or harm. This Safety System applies to all processes that have or can potentially have product safety issues. The purpose of this Safety System is to provide information and resources for the management of Product Safety during and after the production process.

Product Safety – Definition

The state in which a product is able to perform to its design or intended purpose without causing unacceptable risk of harm to persons or damage to property.


Product Safety Program

A product safety program is implemented at Aerosystems, including methods of continuous improvement throughout the product lifecycle. The product safety program includes predictive, proactive and reactive processes that are planned, resourced, communicated, evaluated, efficient, innovative and improved. The product safety program includes promoting a culture of safety and the lessons learned (ALLISS) from the events that occurred.

This Product Safety Program ensures that all Aerosystems employees are aware of Product Safety and that prompt Reports are made if any problems relating to the safety of Aerosystems products emerge. All operators must report their reports with the SOAR. The reporting system for acquiring events relating to product safety and voluntary reports takes place in a confidential form.

All Aerosystems teams, people and departments are welcome to use the SOAR.

Aerosystems – Product Safety Policy

Aerosystems is committed to the design and manufacture of products in a safe and compliant manner, and we conduct regular assessments to verify that our products continue to meet applicable safety, compliance, and regulatory requirements. Our commitment recognizes that Aerosystems product safety and quality are important reflections of our Core Values.

Management Accountability

Within Aerosystems, each department Leader is responsible to ensure products meet applicable regulatory requirements. This responsibility incorporates the development of new products, ongoing reviews of products in use, and processes to review any post-sale complaints for compliance with regulatory and public safety expectations.

Product Safety in Design

Adherence to applicable regulatory requirements and to product safety and quality expectations is a core element of the design phase of new and updated products and is tested through relevant development stages to ensure compliance prior to product launch.

Monitoring and Improving Product Safety

Consistent with our Core Values, Aerosystems is committed to the continuous improvement of product safety. We actively assess manufacturing processes for improvement and external product performance. Issues are investigated and root causes are identified and resolved, enabling us to systemically embed the learning into our processes. Employees in Engineering and Manufacturing are trained on these expectations and processes.

SOAR Product Safety Occurrence Alert Report


This “Safety Product Safety Occurrence Alert Form” has been issued for the purpose of collecting safety occurrences, in agreement with Aerosystems Product Safety policy, to stimulate, collect and implement safety improvements presented by employees for each sector of the company.

This reporting system is designed to stimulate employees who live daily in the company to identify any critical points and to devise tools or solutions that could actually improve products and safety.

The use of the Form is very simple, since it is sufficient to fill in the mandatory fields indicated with an asterisk, briefly describe the occurrence and send the form with the appropriate button.

The following “Safety Product Safety Occurrence Alert Form” occurrence is provided to all employees in order to report any occurrence related to safety of Aerosystems products, people and processes, ranging from accidents and serious incidents, through incidents or events that must be reported, to occurrences of lesser severity which, in the opinion of the reporter could have safety significance.

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